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Why do dogs hide when they are sick?

We all know that feeling when our dog gets sick – the worry, the panic, not knowing what to do. And then on top of it all, they start hiding away from us. It’s natural to want to comfort them and make them feel better, but why do they insist on going off by themselves? As it turns out, there are a few reasons dogs might hide when they’re under the weather.

You’re used to seeing your furry friend happily playing, running around, and being their usual active selves. But when you notice that your dog is not acting like themselves—they’re lethargic, reluctant to eat and drink water—you might begin to worry that something is wrong.

One of the most common signs of a sick dog is hiding or isolating themselves from their owners and other pets in the house. Have you ever wondered why dogs feel the need to hide when they are unwell? Let’s find out. 

The Instinctive Nature of Hiding 

When a dog hides when they are sick, this behavior likely stems from an instinctual survival mechanism. Dogs have been living side-by-side with humans for thousands of years now, so it should come as no surprise that domesticated dogs still rely on some of their ancestral instincts.

In the wild, sick animals are often seen as weak and vulnerable by predators who seek out the easiest prey. Therefore, if a wild canine were feeling ill or injured, they would immediately try to hide away so as not to be noticed by any potential danger lurking nearby. 

Dogs in our homes also rely on this same instinctual form of self-preservation. When they feel ill or weak, they will find a quiet corner or secluded area where they can rest without interruption until they start feeling better again.

While it may be alarming for us pet owners to see our four-legged friends behaving in such a manner, it is important for us to understand why our pups feel the need to isolate themselves during these times—it’s just their natural way of protecting themselves!  

Observing Your Dog’s Behavior at Home 

If you suspect your pup may be sick, it is best to take them into your vet right away for an examination. In addition to taking note of any changes in behavior (like hiding), you should also pay attention to other telltale signs that could signal illness such as decreased energy levels or lack of interest in activities that once excited them before like going for walks or playing catch with their favorite toy.

Knowing what is normal and abnormal behavior for your pup can help you recognize the early warning signs of sickness more quickly so you can have them examined sooner rather than later by their veterinarian if necessary.  

When dogs are sick, they often hide because they feel vulnerable

For many dog owners, it can be difficult to tell when their beloved pup is feeling ill. This can be especially concerning, as dogs are notoriously stoic and rarely overtly express discomfort. 

Fortunately, there is a common behavior you should look out for – if your dog suddenly withdraws from activities and hides away, it could be an indication that something is wrong. Dogs feel especially vulnerable when they’re sick and will often try to “take cover” in a safe spot in order to ward off further illness or pain.

If your pup displays this tendency, contact a veterinarian as soon as possible so they can determine what the issue may be and start providing treatment right away.

Hiding gives dogs a sense of security and comfort

Let’s face it – dogs love to hide! Whether that be behind the couch, under the bed, or in a cozy nook, dogs find comfort in hiding from their surroundings. This behavior stems from a natural need for security and protection only found in dogs. Not only that, but dogs may also use hiding as a way to self-soothe when they are feeling ill, anxious, or overwhelmed by their environment.

It is important to recognize these needs and provide dogs with an area where they feel safe, such as a designated hideaway spot within your home. In doing so, you can ensure that your precious pup always has a place to go to find comfort and solace!

Dogs also know that their owners will worry if they see them sick, so they try to hide it

It’s true: dogs sure do know when they aren’t feeling quite themselves! They often keep their sickness hidden from their owners, as if knowing that their humans will become distressed if they witness them in a state of poor health.

While it’s not some secret superpower dogs possess, it is remarkable how dogs can sense how much their owners love and care for them. Even when dogs strive to hide the signs of illness, most pet parents eventually recognize when something is wrong with their beloved pup, proving once again the strength of the human-dog bond.

If your dog is hiding more than usual, it’s important to take them to the vet to check for any health problems

If your pup has been spending more time under the bed or in the closet than out and about, it’s important to take them to the vet. Dogs will often hide if they are feeling sick, so it’s a good idea to rule out any health issues that could be causing your fur baby discomfort.

Regular check-ups with your vet help keep your pup in top shape, so keeping up with visits can help identify signs of illness before they worsen. Don’t wait for too long as catching problems early can make a difference when it comes to treating them!

Don’t forget to show your dog some extra love and attention when they are feeling under the weather!

Giving our dogs some extra love and attention when they are unwell is essential to helping them through a tough time. Dogs are amazing at hiding when they don’t feel well – so it’s important that we give them permission to be vulnerable in those moments.

Showing your pup some extra pats, cuddles, cooing words and treats can go a long way as it not only helps them to feel safe and secure, but also reinforces that you’re their protector and supporter no matter what state of health they’re in. Most importantly, showing them love will help remind your dog that the two of you make the perfect team!

Final Thoughts on Dogs Hiding when Sick

If your pup has been displaying strange behaviors like hiding when they normally wouldn’t or seeming uninterested in activities that usually excite them like playing with toys or going for walks, then it may be time for an appointment with their vet.

While hiding can be an instinctive response from dogs when they are feeling under the weather due to its evolutionary purpose of protecting them from predators while weakened and vulnerable, understanding why our pets do certain things can help us make sure we provide them with all the love and care needed during these difficult times!

Does your dog hide when he or she is feeling sick? Let us know in the comments below!

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