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Dogs in Minecraft

You may have noticed that there are dogs in Minecraft. You may have even tamed one, or been attacked by an untamed dog. But what do dogs do in Minecraft? And how can you use them to your advantage?

Dogs in Minecraft serve a few different purposes. They can be used as attack dogs, to defend your property from mobs or other players. They can also be used as hunting dogs, to help you find and kill animals. And finally, they can be used as companion animals, to keep you company while you’re exploring the world or working on your farm.

Where are the dogs in Minecraft?

Dogs are an update that was anxiously anticipated in the Minecraft world. They are finally available and there are many things that you can do with them. You can breed them, have them as your loyal friend and they will protect you from hostile mobs.

You can get a dog in Minecraft by using a game command to spawn in a dog. The command is /summon Minecraft: dog. This will cause a random dog to appear. The dog will have random characteristics, such as size, fur color, and whether it is friendly or not.

You can also use a spawn egg to spawn a dog. Spawn eggs are available in the creative mode inventory or can be obtained by using the command /give @p spawn_egg 1.

How to tame a dog in Minecraft

To tame a dog in Minecraft, you will need to find a wild dog and give it a bone. The dog will then follow you around and protect you from hostile mobs. You can also give the dog a collar, which will allow you to change its name and color.

To feed your dog in Minecraft, you will need to give it meat. Dog food can also be bought from animal breeders.

How to breed dogs in Minecraft

To breed dogs in Minecraft, you will need to find two tamed dogs and give them each meat. The dogs will then mate and produce a baby dog. Baby dogs can be fed by giving them milk.

How to use a dog in Minecraft

Dogs can be used for a variety of purposes in Minecraft. As mentioned above, they make good attack dogs and hunting dogs. But they can also be used as farm animals, to help you herd your cows and sheep. And if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can even ride a dog into battle!

Dog Commands in Minecraft

There are many different commands that players can use to interact with their environment in Minecraft. Some of these commands are specific to dogs. For example, the command “sit” will cause a dog to sit down. The command “stay” will cause a dog to stay in one place. The command “come” will cause a dog to come to the player’s location. There are many other commands that players can use to control their dogs. For more information, consult the Minecraft Wiki.

Dog Armor in Minecraft

It is possible to put armor on your dog in Minecraft. The type of armor that you can put on your dog will depend on the material that it is made out of. For example, iron armor can be put on iron dogs, and leather armor can be put on all types of dogs. To put armor on your dog, right-click on the dog with the armor in your hand.

Dog Houses in Minecraft

Dogs in Minecraft need a place to sleep. The best place for a dog to sleep is in a dog house. Dog houses can be made out of any type of wood, and they can be decorated with a sign or a roof. To make a dog house, place four blocks of wood in a square shape. Then, use a sign to name the dog house. Finally, add a roof by placing two blocks of wood above the dog house.

How to put a dog to sleep in Minecraft

To put a dog to sleep in Minecraft, right-click on the dog with a bed in your hand. The dog will then lie down and go to sleep.

Dog Merchandise

If you are an avid Minecraft player and a dog lover, there are many things you can get for your dog that will show your enthusiasm for Minecraft as well. For example, you can buy a Minecraft-themed dog bed or a dog toy that looks like a Creeper. You can also get your dog a Minecraft collar, or a shirt with the Minecraft logo on it.


Dogs can be a great addition to your Minecraft world, whether you’re using them for combat, hunting, or just companionship. Dogs are a versatile and useful addition to any Minecraft player’s toolkit. So get out there and start taming some dogs! You’ll be glad you did.