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Can dogs eat rice?

When I was looking for great food for my dog I found that many of the dry dog food that I was researching contained rice as one of the main ingredients. This got me thinking. Can dogs eat rice? Yes, dogs can eat rice. Whether or not you choose to give your dog rice is a choice that you will have to make based on the health and breed of your dog. 

There are many things to consider when deciding what the best food is for your dog. The age of your dog and also the breed of your dog can play a key role in helping you decide which food to feed your dog and whether or not you should feed your dog rice. 

It is also very important to consult with your veterinarian before you decide what to feed your dog. Although dogs can’t eat rice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should.  Rice is very high in carbohydrates and can be a great choice if you have a very active dog. On the other hand, it can add unnecessary calories to your dog’s diet if your dog is not very active. 

Is rice good for dogs?

Rice is one of the most popular foods from around the world. It is eaten by more people than any other food. But does that mean that it is good for your dog? Not necessarily. Adding rice to a dog’s diet can be beneficial when done properly. There is a difference between feeding dogs white rice and brown rice. It is important to know the difference between feeding your dog white vs. brown rice. 

Is white rice good for dogs?

White rice can be beneficial for dogs. It is often used when dogs have gastrointestinal issues because it is a good source of carbohydrates and it has very low fiber content. This means that feeding your dog white rice when they are sick means that your dog can get the energy they need while placing less stress on their stomach and intestinal system.  

White rice can also be great for dogs that have high energy expenditure. Because white rice is so high in carbohydrates, it can help your dog get the energy that it needs to run around all day. 

If your dog is less active, white rice may cause your dog to have too many calories and therefore your dog may gain weight by eating too much rice. This can be detrimental to your dog’s health and it may lead to other health complications that come with obesity.  

When deciding whether or not white rice is suitable for your dog is an important thing to research. Make sure that you consider the health and energy needs of your particular dog before choosing to feed them white rice. 

Is brown rice good for dogs?

Brown rice is said to be more beneficial in human diets because it is less processed than white rice. Does this mean that brown rice is more beneficial for dogs? Not necessarily. The bran and germ layers that surround brown rice make it more difficult to digest. This means that feeding your dog brown rice is more likely to cause gastrointestinal distress in your canine companion than feeding your dog white rice. 

Because the germ and bran layers are removed in white rice, there is less nutritional value for your dog but it also makes it much more difficult for your dog to digest brown rice. While most dogs will be able to digest some brown rice in their diet, you should avoid feeding your dog too much brown rice to avoid stomach and intestinal issues. 

Can dogs eat brown rice for an upset stomach?

Dogs should not eat brown rice when they have an upset stomach. This is due to the increased fiber that brown rice has. Brown rice is more difficult for dogs to digest and therefore it can make a stomach ache worse, not better. 

White rice can be good for a dog with an upset stomach because it is much easier to digest. It is a good way for a dog to get the carbohydrates that it needs without placing too much stress on the digestive system. White rice will give dogs energy to get better without all the extra fiber that brown rice has. 

Can dogs eat rice cakes?

Rice cakes are good for dogs to eat. However, some rice cakes are very high in sodium and so you should make sure that your dog does not eat too many. If your dog eats too many rice cakes, it could cause your dog’s diet to be too high in sodium. If you are going to feed your beloved dog rice cakes, it may be a good idea to find a low sodium option. 

Can dogs eat rice and beans?

Rice and beans are another very common meal for humans. Rice and beans can also be beneficial for dogs. Rice is a great source of energy and beans have some protein and are also a great source of fiber. 

The fiber in beans can cause your dog to get gassy. So if you already have a stinky furry friend you may want to steer clear of feeding your dog more beans. 


Like all dietary choices, it is important to consider the many health factors of your dog before deciding whether or not rice is a good choice to add to your dog’s diet. Feeding your dog’s rice can be beneficial for your dog but that does not mean that it is a good choice to feed all dogs rice. It is important to consult with your veterinarian before deciding to feed your dog rice. 

Choosing between feeding your dog white rice vs brown rice depends on the goal that you have in feeding your dog rice. Both white rice and brown rice can be beneficial in a dog’s diet if implemented properly. 

There are many dry foods that contain white and brown rice. If you find this as an ingredient that you are planning on feeding your dog, make sure and consider the dietary implications of feeding your dog rice, especially if you will be feeding your dog food with rice every day.